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I am an Assistant Program Director and Associate Member of Graduate Studies in Data Science at Ryerson University. My research interests include statistical machine learning, data mining, and deep learning. 


I am teaching Data Science courses in the Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics and Practical Data Science and Machine Learning certificate programs and Data Science and Analytics masters program.


I supervise students in their Data Analytics Capstone Projects and I am the second reader of all the M.Sc. Data Science Major Research Projects. 


Since receiving my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Istanbul Technical University, I have worked as an Assistant Professor for five years and then, as an Associate Professor for two years in the Department of Mathematics.


Five years ago, inspired after visiting the Data Science Laboratory, Ryerson, where I learned the practical applications of data analytics and how it involved mathematics (my specialty), I shifted my focus to data. Some of my papers in data science involve projects with industrial partners such as Globe and Mail, Manulife, St. Mike’s Hospital, and Toronto Police Services.


Here is a link to my list of publications and you can find more about my research profile here.


As a subject matter expert on Data Science, I have prepared video lectures and online course material for the courses CIND 123 Data Analytics: Basic Methods and CMTH 642 Data Analytics: Advanced Methods, and CIND 840 Practical Approaches in Machine Learning. These video lectures are currently used in "Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics" and "Practical Data Science and Machine Learning" certificate programs at The Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University, and have served thousands of students.

You can find more about my teaching profile here

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My Video Tutorial on
"How to conduct data analysis process systematically"

A few short sample videos from the first lecture of Data Analytics: Basic Methods

Panelist at SORA Business Analytics

The Future of Data Science, Jan 16, 2018​​​​​

The slides of my seminar series on 
Linear Algebra for Machine Learning
Seminar 1
Seminar 2
Seminar 3
Seminar 4
Seminar 5

Panelist at SAGE Publishing Event

Who is Doing Computational Social Science?, Jun 1, 2017​

The slides of my online webinar on 
Writing Research Papers in Data Science 
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Ryerson University opens TSX, Sep 25, 2015

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