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Feeling humbled and grateful. Thank you, my dear students!


It has been many years,

                 many years of learning, teaching, doing research in the academia.


Yet, still feeling the same excitement for each and every class,

             passion in delivering the advanced topics simply and clearly,

             motivation to answer my students' challenging questions,

             fulfillment to see them achieving their goals.


I am humbled and grateful to have these valuable feedbacks from my dear students.


“Thank you Dr. Ceni for an interesting, well-structured class. I truly appreciate your willingness in class to answer all of our questions patiently and explain things that we're not quite getting. I also appreciate you talking about how we can apply what we're learning.”


“Prof. Ceni is excellent and has really reinforced our understanding of learnings to date. She is an excellent professor.”


“Out of all the courses I have taken at Ryerson, Professor Ceni has been the best teacher both in terms of knowledge and passion for teaching. She is very respectful towards her students and she truly wants her students to learn.”


“Prof Ceni is the most engaging and enthusiastic prof. She is so considerate and anxious for us to learn. She gives 100% into her lectures, trying to engage students while covering difficult subject matter. She is always receptive to comments, criticisms and suggestions. I believe the lectures are excellent and the slides and related assignments have been instrumental in my learning. Thank you!”


 "I appreciate the way you teach. You’re a great teacher, so very interested in your subject and finally so enthusiastic to make sure all your students get the points and make them super interested in your taught topics. You’re so professional in teaching, congratulations! I was really enjoying every second of your class and I’m so happy that could meet you here in my program to learn more from you."

“Our professor, has lot of energy and she spreads the positiveness to the students. She always has proved we all are in one team. I love to be in her class. She is very thorough what she is teaching. Never hesitated to help students in both class and lab.”

“Ceni is a very well-organized and knowledgeable instructor. I always know what to expect in classes, labs, and assignments.”


“Dr. Ceni has delivered tremendous amount of big data/Machine learning methodology and algorithm. She is very knowledgable and very kind. She is the best professor so far I have experienced.”


“Dr. Babaoglu is passionate about teaching this class and truly wants her students to learn the material and succeed. She is always positive, friendly and supportive.”


“Enjoyed working with Dr Ceni, as her love and knowledge for the course comes out through her teachings.”


“The instructor, Ceni, is the kindest person ever; and she is very knowledgeable in analytics methods.”


“Ceni's classes have given me a lot more confidence and enthusiasm for a subject matter I was somewhat lukewarm on initially. She's a gem.”


“Dr. Babaoglu is extremely knowledgeable about the subject, she is always courteous.”


“Professor was extremely pleasant and presented the material with enthusiasm. She was very helpful.”


“The professor is excellent: both effective and encouraging!”


”Dr. Ceni Babaoglu is very knowledgeable. Her both online and in-class lectures are awesome. She is a top instructor.”

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