Teaching Profile


  • Extensive teaching experience of Mathematics, Statistics and Data Analytics course with more than eight years of experience specifically at the university level.

  • Comprehensive academic advising and students assessment skills.

  • Effective collaboration with instructors and teaching assistants for coordination of lectures and examinations in large classes.

  • Sensitivity in supporting and understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Courses Taught

Data Analytics courses taught at Ryerson University:

  • Data Science and Analytics Master’s Program:

    • DS 8005 Soft Skills, Research and Communication

    • DS 8012 Research Skills

  • Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program:

    • IND 405 Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

  • Certificate in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics program:

    • CIND 123 Data Analytics: Basic Methods

    • CMTH 642 Data Analytics: Advanced Methods

    • CKME 136 Data Analytics: Capstone Course Intensive

Mathematics Courses taught at Department of Mathematics, Istanbul Technical University:


 MAT 101 Calculus I                MAT 102 Calculus II               

 MAT 111 Mathematics I          MAT 112 Mathematics II                        

 MAT 213 Mathematics III        MAT 141 Linear Algebra I       

 MAT 142 Linear Algebra II      MAT 201 Differential Equations




  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Istanbul Technical University.

Thesis: Wave Propagation in an Elastic Medium: Generalized Davey-Stewartson Equations.


  • M.Sc. Mathematics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University.                         

Thesis: Two-Dimensional Wave Propagation in a Generalized Elastic Medium.


  • B.Sc. Mathematics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University.


Professional Experience


Subject Matter Expert, Data Analytics, Ryerson Unversity.


  • Prepared video lectures and online course material for the courses "CIND 123 Data Analytics: Basic Methods" and "CMTH 642 Data Analytics: Advanced Methods".


Senior Researcher, Data Science Laboratory, Ryerson University.   


  • Analyzed data using statistical and machine learning techniques.

  • Collaborated with multidisciplinary researchers and industrial partners.


Associate Professor, Istanbul Technical University.


  • Taught courses in pure and applied mathematics.

  • Restructured graduate level education in accordance with changing needs and expectations, to have an active role in the international trends for graduate education as a member of “Continuous Quality Improvement Process in Graduate Education Committee”.


Assistant Professor, Istanbul Technical University.                                                                                                           


  • Taught Calculus I and II, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations for Engineering, Architecture, Economics and Mathematics students in English.

  • Recognized by staff, faculty, and students as an exceptionally competent professional who mentors new staff and cares deeply about the students.

  • Evaluated students through tests, quizzes, projects, and formal examinations.   


Research and Teaching Assistant, Istanbul Technical University.    


  • Effectively communicated with students by breaking down complex concepts through exercises and assignments.

  • Organized students into small groups and assigned a variety of group projects designed to further enhance the learning of new concepts.

  • Guided students during the discussion sessions and encouraged them to explore alternative solutions.




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